[Gllug] Puke - Berlin Bundestag will switch to Outlook and Exchange

Nix nix at esperi.org.uk
Fri Jun 22 19:35:23 UTC 2007

On 21 Jun 2007, Martin A. Brooks stated:
> Nix wrote:
>> I hate Exchange and Outlook with a violent passion, but this decision
>> really isn't all that irrational.
> I don't.  Exchange is a seriously neat bit of code, for people who need 
> an enterprise scale groupware solution.  Outlook just happens to be the 
> best, and only, client that can use all it's features.

It may be a seriously neat bit of code, but it's fucking awful at the
only thing I use it for, which is sending email. I don't personally give
a damn if it can do eight billion other things, because I don't use them
and frankly they just get in the way.

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