[Gllug] Puke - Berlin Bundestag will switch to Outlook and Exchange

Ryan Cartwright ryan at crimperman.org
Fri Jun 22 09:19:10 UTC 2007

Andrew Roberts wrote:
> On 21/06/07, Christopher Currie <ccurrie at usa.net> wrote:
>> We have two similar smaller 'databases' which are still Word-sortable and
>> likely to remain so for some years, and copies of the files need to be
>> mailable to one or two staff to work with at home. So I don't want to suggest
>> a proper relational database system, which would seem to be a sledgehammer to
>> crack a walnut.

There is a joke about a tourist asking directions and getting the
response "well I wouldn't be starting from here" which springs to mind
here :o)

> Wouldn't Excel or Access be more appropriate for this task?

OOCalc or even (gulp) OOBase will do it as well and would be a bit more
recent than Office 97 solutions.

Ryan Cartwright
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