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Chris Jones cmsj at tenshu.net
Wed Jun 13 13:08:54 UTC 2007


Andrew Roberts wrote:
> What type of movie projector are you referring to? In my experience,
> projectors are almost always better than LCD televisions.

24fps 35mm ones in cinemas, they are awful at fast motion[0] (I've not
really been to many digital projections yet, so I reserve judgement on

It's not an easy test to arrange, but find a movie with very wide shots
with lots of detail and panning (as an example, the camera swooping over
a battle scene in a LOTR movie, such as the one with all the Rohan dudes
on horses). Then compare it to the DVD (or better digital impression) on
a CRT, then on an LCD. The CRT will almost certainly win.

[0] I'm not necessarly blaming the hardware - at least with LCDs the
blurring you see on fast motion is actually the "fault" of your vision.

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