[Gllug] Putty Key Mapping

- Tethys tethys at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 16:27:07 UTC 2007

On 6/20/07, Andrew Roberts <ar at nooneishere.co.uk> wrote:

> Whilst your learning, you might as well teach yourself to use hjkl for
> movement and Ctrl-D and Ctrl-B for paging down and up (back). I found
> the following lines in my .vimrc helped enormously.

Well, yes, but with differing amounts of movement -- d/u (and
ctrl-d/ctrl-u) go down/up half a screen. f/b (and ctrl-f/ctrl-b) go
forward/back a whole screen.


Perl is like vise grips. You can do anything with it but it is the
wrong tool for every job. -- Bruce Eckel
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