[Gllug] London laptop recommendations

Tom Weissmann trmsw at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 8 08:45:05 UTC 2007

Mike Brodbelt wrote:

> I've had similar experiences with wireless. My X40 has an Atheros 
> chipset, and my wireless setup at home consists of a couple of bridges 
> in ad-hoc mode. The Madwifi drivers are of astonishingly poor quality 
> when it comes to operating in ad-hoc mode - for literally years they've 
> worked at a level that just isn't usable. Ndiswrapper, while still not 
> perfect, is better, and in this case the Madwifi stuff isn't even free 
> software anyway. I really wish that now ar5k has a clean bill of health 
> they'd throw out their closed HAL, but the developers don't seem to see 
> a problem with it. Given their attitude one wonders why they're not 
> developing for Windows....

It could be just that the antenna is better but my T40's Atheros / 
madwifi combination performs much better than the Intel / ipw2200 
combination in my girlfriend's laptop, in terms of picking up and 
maintaining a connection to far-away APs. As far as I know, you can also 
do more with the Atheros, too: create multiple interfaces on the same 
channel, use master mode.

On the other hand, I've never needed to use ad-hoc mode :)

Tom SW
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