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Fri Jun 1 13:55:03 UTC 2007

Oliver Barnes wrote:


This is how I read it, my responses are purely for fun. But its a thought?

> The company has a young, vibrant environment, 

So any old fart won't be welcome.

> U-MYX is growing fast on the back of new partnerships with 2 of the  
> major labels, and one of the worlds most enduring music brands,  
> therefore any candidate should be technically versatile,

Hm Jack of all trades master of none?

> a fast learner and capable of doing a thousand things at the same time.

Because we don't have the time or money to train you plus we want our 
pound of flesh for the salary.

> Key Skills Required
> * Object Orientated PHP 5
> * HTML
> * CSS
> * Flash, Actionscript 1.0
> * Linux: MySQL / Apache Config and Server Administration
> * Windows 2003 Server
> Additional Skills
> * Apache Mod_Rewrite
> * Adobe Photoshop
> * Basic Video Editing (instructional videos, etc)
> * Audio Editing
> * Python

And if you can do the odd 'Open Heart Surgey' that'd be a bonus too!

> Please let me know if anyone is interested in this- probably one for  
> the younger/slightly less experienced of you.

Because if you're young then we don't have to pay the true salary that 
this type of position commands.

Looking at the requirements I see at least three different job 
disciplines rolled into one.

But then what would I know :-)

Dick Turpin
"At these prices I'm mugging myself mate!"
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