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Chris Jones cmsj at tenshu.net
Wed Jun 13 10:13:27 UTC 2007


Christopher Hunter wrote:
> That's NOT what it's about!  Analogue TV is quite bandwidth-hungry

The night they switch off an analogue channel, a digital multiplex moves
to that frequency and reception should improve for all as more bandwidth
will be available. You can't deny that.

Digital TV is better if broadcasted with enough bandwidth (e.g. when you
start using a freshly retired analogue signal), it's also vastly more
useful to get an MPEG stream over the air.

[tedious whinging about modern TVs snipped. Buy a double scan one, they
eliminate the motion problems of ordinary LCDs. Even a regular LCD is
better than a movie projector and huge CRT TVs are a) impossible, b) insane]

> The object is really to free up huge areas of UHF frequencies that can
> be sold off to bale out the Exchequer again!

This reeks of paranoid ludditism to me. Feel free to stick with your
black and white 14" lump of glass, I'm more than happy to move on to
thinner, lighter, less energy hungry, huge LCD TVs and HD video.

Chris Jones
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