[Gllug] Question re Linux compatibility of certain laptops

Chris Jones cmsj at tenshu.net
Fri May 25 13:14:39 UTC 2007


Pearson, Jamie wrote:
> researched that Thinkpads were highly linux-compatible. I'd be grateful

They mostly are. Some of the newer models from Lenovo are less so, but
usually still work.

http://www.thinkwiki.org/ is a superb resource for linux and thinkpads.
They will tell you exactly what hardware is in a given model and if it

> on whether you think that someone with no Linux experience could install
> a basic distribution - say, Mandriva Powerpack or Ubuntu (not Debian or
> Gentoo) - without getting into serious problems. I have no experience

You certainly should be able to, especially if you're not going to keep
windows (you might want to boot the laptop in windows first and burn off
the rescue CDs in case you ever want to put windows back on, or sell it
or something).
I've not tried Mandrive, but I use Ubuntu and the install is very easy imo.

Chris Jones
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