[Gllug] Problem No.2 with KMail

Geo caparo.g at gmail.com
Mon May 14 21:50:07 UTC 2007

 just got this from a friend:-
>> Problem with KMail - can't connect to pop3
>> Kubuntu 7.04
>> Kmail 1.96 inside Kontact 1.2.4
>> KDE 3.5.6
>> In short, kmail appears to be corrupting the pop3 login password when I try
>> to download my mail. I have tried connecting with or without the wallet and
>> it makes no odds.  pop3.ukfsn.org responds telling me the password is
>> wrong.
>> I have seen a few posts on the web regarding this but no definitive
>> solution. The best observations suggest that this is a problem with qt-3 
>> (on Gentoo posts, qt-3.3.8rc1 and later are borked and apparently reverting
>> to qt-3.3.6 fixes the problem).  I cannot however work out which version is
>> installed in feisty.

any help on this would be gratefully received

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