[Gllug] Creating Maildirs

john gennard joney at clara.co.uk
Tue May 15 08:57:00 UTC 2007

On this subject, I posted to the temporary list and was
advised by Anthony Newman and Dan Kolb that I could
create my own. Paul Cupis thought Maildrop might help.
I had already felt creating my own might give me
problems - obviously I was wrong there. Nevertheless I
took the safe path and installed Maildrop.

Now, I'm completely confused (I used maildirs for years
with getmail, mutt and nullmailer on Potato then Sarge).
I reinstalled Etch from scratch and no longer have Sarge,
and cannot remember how I set things up (and arrogantly
I haven't kept notes assuming I wouldn't forget!).

I need maildirs for an inbox, gllug, debian-user, Tom,
Dick and Harry etc, so I created a maildir in Mail and
then a maildir folder 'inbox' within that to see what
happens. getmail retrieves OK, logs to /.getmail/log,
but puts the mail into ~/Mail/Maildir/cur and mutt says
there are no mail boxes. I just can't get the problem
clear in my head. If I use mboxes, it's simple - mutt
just filters mail for reading into inbox, gllug,
debian-user and so on. How can I create a 'tree' of
maildirs to do this simple job? After I solved the problem
before, for years I just saw getmail pull the mail and mutt
present me with it neatly divided into folders.

This is really embarrassing. I'm 77 and can remember the
1930s clearly, but I'm damned if I can remember how I
did this just a few years ago. Googling hasn't helped -
I haven't found a Howto or anything similar - I suppose
it's so obvious to others that there's no need of such.

Anyone have time to put me right, please?


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