[Gllug] Question re Linux compatibility of certain laptops

Chris Hutchison chris.hutchison at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri May 25 09:15:45 UTC 2007

On 25 May 2007, at 09:42, Pearson, Jamie wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> This is my first time writing a question to the group and it's a very
> simple one (well, actually it's a set of simple ones). I have been told
> by an IT shop that they cannot sell me a Thinkpad R60e for me to  
> install
> a Linux distribution on because the thinkpad does not have a dual core
> processor, which is apparently required for a Linux distribution.


You might find it useful to look at:


I've happily installed Mandrake/Mandriva, SuSE, and Kubuntu on a  
variety of laptops (HP, Samsung, Toshiba) with no problem other than  
having to find open-source equivalents of the occasional proprietary  

The people in your IT shop are either thick or they're after your money.



> This does not mean very much to me, but I understood from what I had
> researched that Thinkpads were highly linux-compatible. I'd be grateful
> for anyone that could tell me whether they are right (I am not
> interested in setting up a partition so that the laptop can run Windows
> and Linux, I only want the Linux system on there). If they are right,
> could anyone suggest a cheap but durable laptop that would be
> Linux-compatible? Final question: I'd also be grateful for any thoughts
> on whether you think that someone with no Linux experience could  
> install
> a basic distribution - say, Mandriva Powerpack or Ubuntu (not Debian or
> Gentoo) - without getting into serious problems. I have no experience
> but am trying to get up to speed with all the information on the web on
> this, so read "inexperienced but enthusiastic novice"!
> V grateful for any thoughts/pointers.
> Best,
> Jamie
> Jamie Pearson
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