[Gllug] routing via a second external IP

Alistair Mann al at lgeezer.net
Wed Aug 13 10:32:58 UTC 2008

John Winters wrote:
> Alistair Mann wrote:
>> John Winters wrote:
>>  > Paul Cupis wrote:
>>  >>
>>  >> # ip route add x.x.x.x/x via y.y.y.y
>>  >
>>  > Remembering of course to tell your select customers to use the right
>>  > IP
>>  > address for the new ADSL line - otherwise only half the traffic
>>  > (outbound from you) will go down the new line, and if you have NAT
>>  > then
>>  > it won't work at all.
>> NAT works fine with multiple routes, even multiple default routes: I 
>> support just such a box being used 'in anger'.
>> I suspect you meant that NAT and multiple routes won't work with a mere 
>> "ip route add".
> No, I meant what I said - that if your traffic is coming in down one
> link and going out down another, and one of them is NATed then it won't
> work.

Ah -- we had different definitions of 'it' in mind. Weren't you once a 
US President?

Alistair Mann

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