[Gllug] Early Christmas

Alistair Mann gllug at lgeezer.net
Fri Aug 29 00:00:31 UTC 2008

Don Williams wrote:
> Hi there Glluggers, after a summer of installing Debian a few times and 
> a few other distros, all with enjoyment and a savage rattling of my aged 
> brain cells, my SWMBO has said "go choose" a new bit of desktop kit. 
> Early Crimbo! Many times in the past this forum has guided me well - so 
> how about now?

Hola Don,

If you want the machine to arrive with a Distro pre-installed, that 
suggests to me a lack of confidence in doing the job yourself. That 
suggests to me further that you'd be better off getting a Dell for no 
other reason than there appears to me one metric f*** load of forums 
(forii? fora?) on the Internet (which is a series of tubes) where many 
are trying to do exactly the same as you will be, with the exact same 
piece of kit. IE, a choice guided by extent of after-sales help rather 
than any other factor.

Alistair Mann
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