[Gllug] Speaking of those tiny "laptops" ...

Craig Millar gllug at craigmillar.org
Tue Aug 26 10:57:52 UTC 2008

On 25/08/08 17:13 +0100, Michael G Fletcher wrote:
> I'm personally eagerly awaiting the eee 901 to arrive at
> efficientpc.co.uk :-) but if you are looking at the new Atom Based
> machines, there are a few already:
> The Advent 4211 (a PCWorld MSI Wind adaption)
> MSI Wind
> Eee 1000H (10.1 inch screen and 80GB 2.5" HD)

And the linux version http://www.microanvika.com/product.asp?PNO=ASU14468B
which has almost 40GB of SSD (conveniently sized for a root and home
partition of 7.4 and 30GB respectively). I've had mine three days and am very
happy - once I got over the network driver issues when I nuked the Xandros
"firmware", it's been plain sailing. The whole unit is about 4cm wider than
the 90x series - which makes it a little more cumbersome but the keyboard is
much easier to use.
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