[Gllug] Oyster cards vulnerable?

Alison Young ali at anarres-worlds.org
Sat Jan 26 12:11:45 UTC 2008

On Sat, 26 Jan 2008, Rob Crowther wrote:

> Is there some technical/physical reason why wiggling and waving the card
> ought to make it easier to scan, rather than just holding it still on
> the scanner?

Aha! It's good to know that someone else has observed that effect. 
Unfortunately I can't provide an explanation (would be delighted if 
someone could), but I can offer what I've found to be the fastest way 
through with an Oyster card:

1. While approaching gate, hold card flat in palm of hand
2. Slap card down on the upper part of the reader, continue walking 
3. Move card in a clockwise circle across the reader, continue foward
4. Generally by the time the gates open, you have already passed the 
reader and your arm is straight and trailing behind you a little
5. Drop arm to side, pass through gates

Not sure whether the perceived improvement is in faster scanning or in 
fluidity of movement.

I wonder how many people have separately found this method, or have even 
given it this much thought.


Alison Young
ali at anarres-worlds.org
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