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Richard Cottrill richard_c at tpg.com.au
Mon Jul 21 14:08:12 UTC 2008

2008/7/17 Rhys <rhys at rhyspowell.com>:

> Hello All,
>   The company I currently owrk for are looking to move away from our
> current middle ware application server (Oracle application server) to
> something new. The most immediate suggestion was Tomcat but one of our
> longer term developers has suggested JBoss. Has has said that we really
> need to consider JBoss as we are likely to need JMS, single sign on, etc...

JBoss and Oracle Application Server (OC4J) are both Java EE (Enterprise
Edition) implmentations. Tomcat is a servlet implementation. Java EE is
vast, and servlets are just one little piece. See (beware java script and so
on) http://www.jguru.com/faq/view.jsp?EID=123221

Tomcat is a servlet container and is essentially an environment for turning
Java code into webpages. You can use Tomcat for other stuff, but that may be
considered unwise. I'll meet the Tomcat fans in the middle, and offer that
Tomcat would make a decent home for other Java delivered over HTTP services,
in some circumstances.

"JBoss web" is implemented on top of Tomcat (or inside? App servers get
confusing at this stage) and is concerned with the web page end of JEE...

Depending on how OC4J was used (just for servlets, or more) then it will
narrow down your options. The developers will probably favour JBoss for lots
of reasons, not least that "Java EE programmer" pays better than "Java web
page programmer".

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