[Gllug] Corrupt directory

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Thu Jul 17 14:41:58 UTC 2008

Peter Corlett wrote:
> On 16 Jul 2008, at 20:28, David L Neil Mailing list a/c wrote:
> [...]
>> Nautilus won't list the file. At the command line, it is listed but  
>> only
>> the fileNM and the "d" for directory is sensible, everything else is
>> described with question marks (access, owner, group, dates...). rmdir
>> won't shift it. rm responds with: it's a directory...
> That's quite *special*. I've seen that before and a fsck will  
> *usually* fix it, but not if the system's even more mangled than it  
> looks.

Now why did you think to highlight the word "special"!? I don't want to
be special - I want to be dull, boring, and WORKING! (stamps foot and pouts)

Sure enough fsck reports the fs as "clean" and process as "succeeded"
both at normal boot and single-user mode command line. Booting a Knoppix
CD (thanks Chris!) and running e2fsck was similarly an exercise in futility.

The file[-entry] is still there. Messing around with (?expert) advice on
the OpenSuSE list - or being stupid/ignorant about how to follow it
correctly, seems to have caused Gnome to go home and I now have no
Nautilus nor are any desktop icons displayed.

There's nothing real on the machine. Can one reinstall all of Gnome at
one go (with YaST or other 'zyppers'), or would it be easier to
reinstall SuSE - or (I've been talking to RedHat) has the time come to
replace my green baseball cap with a Fedora?

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