[Gllug] Free stuff. Short notice.

Matthew King matthew.king at monnsta.net
Wed Jul 30 11:05:23 UTC 2008

My dad's been called in to fix up the ex-flat of a geek, and I
had a look around and noticed some old (very old) kit which may
be of interest to those here. The flat's located in Kingston Hill
and anything left in the box on Monday morning (Aug 3rd) will be

If you want anything and can pick it up between about 8 and 4 on a
weekday (he likes to avoid driving in the rush hour), call him on 07890
370 401 or, as the reception there is crap, call me on 07825 324 058 and
I'll try to get through to him. Don't email, it's too slow and I'm not
technically supposed to use personal mail at work anyway...

Everything is untested, dirty and free. There's also nothing (apart from
the monitors which aren't worth the effort) that can't be taken on
public transport, though the 3/60's going to be a bit irritating, and
Kingston has fairly good bus/train links (nearest station is Norbiton).

The list:

Atari ST Keyboard and the bottom half of the case.

HP keyboard & mouse

HP 712/80

HP 715/50

Long cable with female DB9 at each end

What looks like an Intel ISA DVI card with manuals

SuSE 8.2 manuals

HP external SCSI-2 CD (mini-D port) with proprietary power connector

2 x External SCSI HDD with centronics connector

At least one centronics SCSI terminator

10-baseT 8 port HUB with (maybe - I forget) a proprietary power

Ancient modem-looking thing - 15-pin D and 2 x COAX

2 x "GCC Technologies" centronics SCSI external enclosure, one with CD

"One Technologies" centronics SCSI external enclosure

3 x "Xyplex Network 3000"

   2 with (black-faced) floppy drive

      1 with PCMCIA card (config storage maybe?)

Sparc Station Classic

Sparc Station IPC with floppy

Sun 3/60

Sun SCSI enclosure, maybe with centronics

2 (3?) CRTs, one might be 17"

There are also a huge amount of wires, floppies and magazines, and PC
equipment which I didn't bother to catalogue, though it includes an Abit
dual-CPU (< 5/10 years old) board with leaked capacitors.


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