[Gllug] VACANCY: Junior Systems Support for Unit.tv

Rich Walker rw at shadowrobot.com
Thu Jul 3 14:48:55 UTC 2008

James Roberts <jr at stabilys.com> writes:

> Martyn Drake wrote:
>>> Location: SOHO, Central London, W1T 3BT
>>> Employer: http://www.unit.tv
>>> Salary: ~£16.5K DOE
>> Good grief!  I knew salaries in the post production industry were bad,
>> but that's just outrageous.  Even around the 19k mark would be seen as
>> slap in the face.
> Actually I find that quite high for the current outlook... we don't pay 
> that much for juniors (more like 12k).

That's actually *less* than the weighted minimum wage for
London. (£7.20 in 2007 - see

Have you thought of just enslaving them instead? It seems more honest,
as at least that way they'd get fed, clothed and sheltered...

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