[Gllug] Mobile phone broadband

Juergen.Schinker ba1020 at homie.homelinux.net
Mon Jun 2 20:56:45 UTC 2008

John Winters schrieb:
>> Vidar Hokstad wrote:
>>> On 2 Jun 2008, at 14:51, Dylan wrote:
>>>> Does anyone have any experience or recommendations they can make,
>>>> especially
>>>> regarding the quality of service from the various suppliers, which
>>>> 'modems'
>>>> work with Linux and which don't (if any) and any gotcha's or hoops
>>>> which have
>>>> to be navigated.
>> Hi Vidar,
>>    I've just got myself a three USB modem which I'm reasonably happy with
> I too have a 3 USB modem - again the Huawei wotsit.  You can drive it with
> Gnome PPP but a much better option is the Vodafone driver package, which
> despite the name works for any service provider.  You can download it at
> https://forge.vodafonebetavine.net/frs/?group_id=12
> Connection speed is variable but it seems reliable (I've stayed on line
> all day with it) and it's fine for a bit of light surfing or catching up
> with your e-mail.
> I haven't noticed any attempts to mangle the data - but since it claims to
> provide an Internet connection I can't help feeling that any such attempt
> would be in breach of the product description.
> The eeePC recognises it and uses it without any additional software.
> I went for the 3G / month package, but I'm starting to feel that 1G /
> month would have been plenty.

i also use three on a build in modem huawei e220

i just by/get a pay-as-you-go sim-card

by a top-up and top it up

than stick the sim in my laptop

that is 5 quit per month for unlimited data and no contract
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