[Gllug] Sendmail odd behaviour

Ken Smith kens at kensnet.org
Sun Jun 1 18:17:32 UTC 2008

John Winters wrote:
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> Ken Smith wrote:
> [snip]
>> I have recently created some new user id's and none of these id's can 
>> receive e-mail. I used the normal useradd method to create the user 
>> id's. If I manually telnet to the local sendmail on port 25 and manually 
>> send mail, it work's for old user id's but not for the recent ones. What 
>> the heck is happening here.
> What error message do you get when you enter the RCPT TO clause?  What
> appears in sendmail's log file?
> John
Here you go...

rcpt to:Martin
550 5.1.1 Martin... User unknown

and in maillog

Jun  1 19:26:01 fileserver sendmail[1058]: m51IP3GA001058: Martin... 
User unknown

but the entry Martin is in /etc/passwd as follows...


BUT if I change the username to be all lowercase it works - go figure!



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