[Gllug] VACANCY: Production Support Engineer

Iain Gray iain.dv at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 1 11:29:27 UTC 2008

Ok so little success this time round.

Anyone have any other ideas for job posting to get the kind of skills I'm after?

Anyone have experience of agencies, etc?


2008/5/22 Iain Gray <iain.dv at googlemail.com>:
> Having had success at hiring from this list before I thought I would
> give it another go.
> The role is in a high profile games studio working in the network
> gaming group production support team.
> The job requires someone who is able to apply logical troubleshooting
> skills to issues as well as being able to write and run load and
> performance tuning tests and apply production rigor to games as they
> progress from development to production.
> Recruitment time is ASAP (as always) and process is:
> Initial telephone interview
> First f2f with tech test
> Second interview
> If anyone is interested in the role and would like more information
> please contact me off list
> =======================================================================
> The role is to become part of the Production Support team for the
> online games application and to help support and develop the
> application and the processes around moving games through development
> to production. The candidate will have good linux skills and show
> understanding of troubleshooting methods and problem resolution.
> Duties and Responsibilities:
> There are 3 main areas of responsibility in this role and an applicant
> should show demonstrable capability in at least 2 of these.
> 1.Management of many workstreams and ability to keep up to date on
> several ongoing tasks at once. The candidate should be used to
> managing their own time and keeping a clear audit trail of where each
> task is at.
> 2.Troubleshooting Issues by using networking, linux and application
> knowledge to solve problems in a logical way.
> 3.Willingness to take one aspect of the many varied aspects of the
> role and become the team expert. Possible areas are C/C++ Client Sim,
> Java coding for load testing or PL/SQL development.
> Skills and Experience:
> Skills that are essential for this role is knowledge of/experience
> with a selection from :
> Unix (linux) system setup and administration.
> Troubleshooting skills. A logical and methodical way of working
> through a problem.
> A good understanding of networks and networked applications
> Perl scripting for task automation.
> Oracle database connectivity and administration.
> PL/SQL knowledge
> Web server environments including but not limited to Apache Tomcat,
> with particular reference to jsp/servlet engines
> =======================================================================
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