[Gllug] DVB-T on Debian

Justin Perreault justinperreault at dl-jp.com
Thu Jun 12 03:44:30 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-06-06 at 14:50 +0100, Phil Reynolds wrote:
> Is there a readily-available TV card that will receive Freeview on a
> system running Debian etch, preferably using free software?

WinTV Nova-T 500 is a dual tuner card available at PC world for about

A week ago I reconfigured my main pc to allow me to play with the idea
of a HTPC(home theatre PC), I only configured it back to my normal
desktop a few hours ago. 

Based on the experience I highly recommend:
1) play with a PCI card to start, I started with a USB one it was more
painful than it needed to be they do work just felt there were more
things to try and confirm as okay.

2) Get at least 2 tuners(in one card or not), I found very quickly that
there was lots of stuff that if I had it recorded I would watch rather
than surf but scheduling conflicts show up fast with only 1 tuner.

3) Try Mythdora to start, it has an auto install option that works quite
well. You will still need to do some configuration after the install but
it did save some time when getting a system up to the point where you
can play with it.

4) Get more space. I got my first 1000GB hdd this past week. LVM is

5) If using with HDMI have it connected to the TV before you power up
the machine. Mine started acting funny when I tried to do it after the
machine was up.

6) Watch that your signal is not too strong, the receiver chips can be
very sensitive too a strong signal.

7) If anything is giving you hassle feel free to ask for help. There are
a handful of forums around that get okay traffic but IRC might be
quicker. I would be glad to discuss Mythdora or MythTV configuration.

I am so happy with the amount I have learned and the abilities in MythTV
configured distros, that I ordered the parts for my HTPC and will have
my DVD player swapped out from under my tv by the end of the weekend.

I still have a lot to learn about all of the additional features that
Myth comes with but, primary recording and watching live tv works a

In case it helps to know, my wife really likes the interface.

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