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Iain Gray wrote:
> Thanks all for the suggestions. I will amend the post and re-post.
> So basically its tough to get staff so jazz up the ad seems to be the
> general consensus :-)
> Thanks All

Article (American) of possible interest (site registration may be
required - if is,  and you don't, pls contact me off-list)

10 developer want ads that will attract topnotch talent
    * Date: May 29th, 2008
    * Author: Justin James
    * Category: 10 things, Programming and development, IT management
    * Tags: Talent, Job, Developer, Advertisement, Skill, Ruby,
Programmer, Candidate, Recruitment & Selection, Development Tools

When your company is trying to hire programmers, there is a good chance
that your ad on Monster, CareerBuilder, other similar Web sites is going
to be the first thing potential candidates see of your open position.
Unfortunately, most programming "help wanted" ads are written in a way
that makes the best candidates fairly unlikely to respond to them, even
if they are a good match for the job.

Why? Because the people writing these ads often don't understand
developers, and they produce a generic ad that reads like a boilerplate
job description with an Apply Now link at the bottom. Here are 10 want
ads for developers that show how to get top programmers to click that link.


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