[Gllug] Mobile phone broadband

John Winters john at sinodun.org.uk
Mon Jun 2 16:07:34 UTC 2008

> Vidar Hokstad wrote:
>> On 2 Jun 2008, at 14:51, Dylan wrote:
>>> Does anyone have any experience or recommendations they can make,
>>> especially
>>> regarding the quality of service from the various suppliers, which
>>> 'modems'
>>> work with Linux and which don't (if any) and any gotcha's or hoops
>>> which have
>>> to be navigated.
> Hi Vidar,
>    I've just got myself a three USB modem which I'm reasonably happy with

I too have a 3 USB modem - again the Huawei wotsit.  You can drive it with
Gnome PPP but a much better option is the Vodafone driver package, which
despite the name works for any service provider.  You can download it at


Connection speed is variable but it seems reliable (I've stayed on line
all day with it) and it's fine for a bit of light surfing or catching up
with your e-mail.

I haven't noticed any attempts to mangle the data - but since it claims to
provide an Internet connection I can't help feeling that any such attempt
would be in breach of the product description.

The eeePC recognises it and uses it without any additional software.

I went for the 3G / month package, but I'm starting to feel that 1G /
month would have been plenty.


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