[Gllug] Beg or buy - low profile (or one backplate removeable) *AGP* nvidia 6000 or 7000 series vid card

M.Blackmore mblackmore at oxlug.org
Mon Jun 2 11:06:07 UTC 2008

Beg or buy - low profile (or one with backplate removeable) *AGP* nvidia
6000 or 7000 series vid card of at least 128mb.

My daughters "new" fujitsu siemens (49 quid from smart computers, can't
be bad) P4 2.8ghz simply won't play sims and sim cities societies -
Intel cards are specifically ruled out. Pity 'cos the machines work
perfectly and fast in every linux version I've thrown at them -
everything is recognised and configures out of the box.

Alas the video card slot is a low profile one. 

The games recommend 6xxx or better nvidia cards.

Anyone got any old low profile AGP nvidia cards in this range - or a low
slung card with a backplate that can be removed and the vga connector
dangling out the back on a cable?

Alas FX5200 and 5300 are specifically ruled out by the game makers -
I've got one of those I can take the backplane off and feed out the vga
lead throught the slot.

Unfortunately vga output is preferred 'cos the computer is on a kvm with
my 5 year olds vintage win98/xubuntu old games computer. But if it comes
to it I do have a monitor with digital intput. Mostly the "low" outports
on these low cards seems to be the dgi one, and I'm not above hacking
off the vga output with a soldering iron or side clippers!

But the desk won't 'alf be crowded with two monitors...

Hope someone can help - we're on a tight budget with me off work
permanently and no benefits (too many assets saved assiduously up and
then the state *betrays* the hardworking middle class when we fall ill
and wants to take away everything like the kids chances of education -
no way will it be affordable to a poor family in 10 and 16 years time!).

Any old tat will do as long as it works and can be modified to fit!

Many thanks

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