[Gllug] anyone used ovh.co.uk for hosting

Jason Clifford jason at ukfsn.org
Fri Mar 7 16:58:33 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-03-07 at 15:20 +0000, Khusro Jaleel wrote:
> I'm thinking of using these people for hosting, they seem to provide a
> dedicated server with 256 megs of RAM and a choice of many OSes. There
> are also no b/w limitations. The website is www.ovh.co.uk.

They are offering a service for substantially less than it costs to
provide it. 

These days racking a server in a decent colo centre tends to cost about
£60 per Amp. Even using the crappiest servers available the server
itself will cost them about £250 based upon that configuration.
Bandwidth costs money to provide - even if they have peering and don't
pay for transit things like routers, membership of peering exchanges,
etc costs money. It costs a lot of money to employ the staff to manage
all of this and support you.

How much of that do you think £15 a month covers?


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