[Gllug] Personal (Virtual)Server Hosting recommendation

Ashley Evans ashley at k2.com
Thu Mar 13 14:29:18 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I hope this isn't too far off-topic for the list.  I have a list of 
requirements for a personal server and was wondering if somebody might 
have a recommendation.  It's for hosting things like personal 
website/project.  Calendars, backups of smallish quantities of personal 

Budget: <20gbp/pcm
Connectivity:  A few hundred meg bi-directional traffic per month.  
10Megabit would be plent in terms of speed, more dependant on cost.
Distribution: Debian based
Storage Space: 5Gig bare minimum.  20-120Gb cost dependant.
Performance: P4 >1.6Ghz class performance.  i.e not dog slow for 1 or 2 
users browsing php apps like gallery2.
Access Level: ssh, root access

Ok - so some of the requirements are not that scientific and there are 
other considerations like reliability but I'm just after some company 
names that people have had experience with.

Thanks for any help,
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