[Gllug] Personal (Virtual)Server Hosting recommendation

Stuart Sears stuart at sjsears.com
Thu Mar 13 16:36:25 UTC 2008

Alan Pope wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 02:29:18PM +0000, Ashley Evans wrote:
>> I hope this isn't too far off-topic for the list.  I have a list of 
>> requirements for a personal server and was wondering if somebody might 
>> have a recommendation.  It's for hosting things like personal 
>> website/project.  Calendars, backups of smallish quantities of personal 
>> data.
> Bitfolk. http://bitfolk.com/

Indeed. Seconded. (as if this were somew kind of election).
Flawless service thus far. Excellent value.

Stuart Sears RHCA etc.
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