[Gllug] anyone used ovh.co.uk for hosting

Anthony Newman anthony.newman at ossified.net
Fri Mar 7 22:09:39 UTC 2008

Khusro Jaleel wrote:
> I'm thinking of using these people for hosting, they seem to provide a
> dedicated server with 256 megs of RAM and a choice of many OSes. There
> are also no b/w limitations. The website is www.ovh.co.uk.

I'd have no hesitation in recommending hetzner.de for dedicated servers, 
if you don't have a problem with most of their web interfaces only being 
in German, and not being able to pay in pounds sterling (so credit cards 
only basically). I've had one of their 49 EUR/month dedicated machines 
for a few months with no hint of outages at all, and I was put in their 
direction by a friend with a similar experience over the last year.

They impose traffic speed restrictions beyond the stated monthly data 
transfer limits, but unless you're running a warez site you're unlikely 
to be reaching them if you're in the market for an entry-level hosting 
setup. If you pay bottom dollar, you're likely to get very poor service 
that can be improved hugely by paying a realistic amount for what you 
are getting.

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