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Sun Sep 14 02:27:13 UTC 2008

Richard Jones wrote:
> That is when I work around this bug which I found when trying to
> install CentOS today:
> http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=2552
> (Despite what the bug report says, installing RHEL hits the same bug).

Ignore that RHEL comment from the reporter, its from some rpath install. 
RHEL hasent shipped a 2.6.19 kernel yet and definitely dont use conary 
for the media -> disk transfers :D

> The problem is that the Geode LX processor identifies itself as an
> i586 (not i686) and Red Hat don't build i586 kernels any more.
> However it is reported that i686 kernels work just fine -- assuming
> you can install them.

Can you try with the --targetarch option to anaconda, that *should* 
work. I dont have any geode kit so cant verify. A look at the iutil code 
indicates it *should* work to force a i686 kernel down into the 
installer ts.

( btw, if you get yourself into CC on that bugs.centos.org report, we 
can work through the issues there )

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