[Gllug] TOPOWER 200W 1U ATX Power Supply

David Coles david at disintegration.org
Wed Sep 10 11:14:47 UTC 2008


I've managed to kill a Topower TOP-200SM PSU 
(http://www.topower.com/product/slim_ps.htm) which was in a Watchguard 
Firebox V60 appliance.

The appliance wasn't working anyway, but hooking up a regular ATX PSU 
outboard I can boot Linux images off a regular HDD rather than the 
internal CF card.

I think I'd probably like to get the unit boxed up again nicely and 
running as a network services (DNS, DHCP, TFTP, fw/router?) and/or 
Asterisk server so I be awfully grateful if anyone knows of anywhere (in 
the UK) that might be able to supply compatible (second user?) PSUs at 
sensible prices or, maybe more practically, which other 1U appliances use 
the same form-factor PSUs which could be picked up cheaply on ebay and 

The TOP-200SM has only a 20pin connector for the motherboard, so a 
replacement that had molex connectors for PATA HDDs might be terribly 
useful, although running off a CF card is probably fine.

Thank you.


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