[Gllug] Lists of bad IPs?

Alistair Mann gllug at lgeezer.net
Mon Sep 15 10:07:54 UTC 2008

John G Walker wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Sep 2008 10:34:37 +0100 Richard Jones <rich at annexia.org>
> wrote:
>> For
>> now I'm about to ban the word "cialis" from my site, which seems like
>> it will be effective.
> Remember to ban the word not the character string. The University of
> Sunderland banned that string, which meant that there could be no
> mention of socialism on their network, until I pointed this out. They
> now ban the word,

Ahh, the Internet's early days, when then denizens of Scunthorpe dared 
not mention the fact. I still see it from time to time, including 
recently a school that banninated writing to anyone in Essex, Middlesex, 
Sussex ...

Alistair Mann
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