[Gllug] To encrypt or not to encrypt . . . at install time?

Tethys sta296 at astradyne.co.uk
Tue Dec 1 00:04:53 UTC 2009


Nix writes:

>(6) encrypted $HOME doesn't actually help if you're using your machine
>most of the time it's turned on (which is quite common) or if your
>attacker gets in via a vulnerability in e.g. the browser rather than
>a network-facing daemon, in which case he *can* only get in if you
>are using your machine and your $HOME is decrypted.

Yes, but there's still an argument for multiple levels of encryption.
Is that even still supported? In the old days, there was a filesystem
called rubberhose that was explicitly designed to give plausible
deniability. Does an equivalent exist today? Only the first level
would be decrypted under normal use. Then if you want to access your
more confidential information, you decrypt and mount that, do your
work and then umount it again, so the attacker would need to get in
during the (hopefully short) period of time where that filesystem
was decrypted and mounted.

Yes, I suppose in the real world, it would be mounted all the time.

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