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felix swart felix.swart at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 15 15:14:20 UTC 2009

> > One other option I'm considering is getting some kind of parabolic
> > dish wifi antenna and trying to hook into thecloud or the
> > BTFON/BTOpenzone hotspot at starbucks (this actually just about works
> > without a special antenna but it does drop out and there aren't
> > currently any attractive price-plans for permanent connections to
> > openzone APs).
> >
> If you're planning to construct a high gain wi-fi aerial, the parabolics
> are a PITA to make.  Look at the "Pringles Tube" designs (I've got one
> here that works reliably over 600 metres, and other homebrew Yagi
> designs.  The only tricky part is getting the feed point match correct -
> however, the hard bits have been done for you by the aerial hackers like
> me - just use the dimensions described.
> C.
> Thank you to all who commented. I have checked that Virgin cover my area
and tried using that in my negotiation with BT, to no avail. A work
colleague living in the same block of flats is in the same situation and
they wouldn't even offer us a discount if we both signed up at the same
time. Arguing with them that the technician would only have to come out once
to perform both connections proved futile.

I actually live about 40 meters from my work and have tried picking up the
work wifi network on the laptop. There was no signal indicated through the
built-in receiver on a Lenovo W500. I would be interested in receiving
information on constructing high gain antennas.

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