[Gllug] [OFFTOPIC] Re: Vista vs seven

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Tue Dec 8 13:16:35 UTC 2009

co at chocabloc.net wrote:
> OK I have had to rejoin this group to ask you to stop harassing me.  
> This is really pathetic. I left the group because I was fed up of all  
> the nastiness and didn't expect it to carry on and get worse when I  
> was off the group. Stop this now. I will take this further otherwise.  
> What's really pathetic is some of you are posting on list where I  
> can't respond. Also I'm not blind and it helps to use a GUI. Stop  
> making assumptions about me. And stop this abuse weather you are  
> posting this on list or not.
> And I didn't expect this from an Admin - Martin.

Dude, you is trollin', grow up.

I don't remember you from last time round but I can see how you managed
to get yourself booted.

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