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Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.co.uk
Thu Dec 3 11:40:58 UTC 2009

Sean Burlington wrote:

> I guess I can see the point if you have dead time on a commute
> - personally I cycle to work and talk to my wife while washing up :-)

I try not to talk to the wife when washing up, it tends to disturb her 
and she drops a plate ;-)

> I'm sure tech podcasts have a place - but I hate it when they replace
> the written word

You will love UUPC then, Ubuntu UK Podcast, I believe they are having 
their shows transcribed. Although why anyone would want to read through 
a podcast episode is beyond me.

As an example Linux Outlaws do their podcasts live with a video feed and 
IRC interaction this sounds awesome however having attended a couple of 
shows it then occurs to me that there is little point in downloading the 
episode as I've already heard it! Plus its a bit like news reports where 
that idiot in the hoody is stood behind the reporter giving a thumbs up 
and pulling stupid faces everyone in the IRC channel is going mad trying 
  to get their /nick mentioned.

I sort of agree with you in terms that if I wanted information on Samba 
or NFS a podcast would probably be the last place I would look, as I 
said earlier they're for entertainment in my book.

Peter Cannon

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