[Gllug] Software for on-line sales?

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Wed Dec 16 14:18:59 UTC 2009

On 16 Dec 2009, at 13:45, Progga wrote:
> I'll want to add Magento (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magento).

Having watched a fellow contractor drink like a fish to forget, while  
lighting cigars with twenties, I gather that customising Magento is a  
right pain in the arse, and expensive to get somebody else to fix. But  
this also appears to be a feature of all boxed e-commerce "solutions".

> And since we are on the topic of selling online, this might be an  
> enjoyable read - http://blog.davidwurtz.com/smart-people-should-do-stupid-stuff 
>  (This one got upvoted to proggit's (reddit.com/r/programming) top  
> yesterday).

That link just redirects me to http://posterous.com/. I think they're  
trying to be too clever with cookies and redirection and have a rather  
brittle result.

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