[Gllug] virgin/ntl/telewest plonkers

Neil Tancock neil at safeharbourit.co.uk
Sun Dec 20 11:44:12 UTC 2009

Hi Alain,

It may be a little too far down the line for you, but have you tried Cerberus Networks?  www.cerberusnetworks.co.uk

I have a client off the Bloomsbury exchange who got a pitifully slow connection with BT; we're talking 2.4m/bit download and 448k upload. They're now on 5.8m/bit down and 
1.3m/bit up, which is sill not great, but is a huge amount better than anyone else could offer. We've been able to implement some VoIP services with some hope of them working!

They charge £40/month for their full package (I have one running in Willenhall that's giving me 14m/bit down and 2.3m/bit up) or £24/month if they can only get you up to 1.5m/bit upload.  

I have no ties with this supplier, other than I've just converted one of my own broadbands to them as well.....

Many thanks,


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I support a local school's IT systems. They are switching to
NTL/Virgin for broadband access - since BT are incapable of providing
anything better than 1.5MB/s access, so it has to be cable. We have
succeeded in getting a fixed IP address from them - so the next thing
is to ask them to set the reverse IP address on it so that various
protocols (principally email) work properly.

Their reply:

	Unfortunately we are unable to configure customer reverse DNS for cable
	modem Ip's.

Whaaaat ?
It is incredibly easy to do, they simply don't want to - or don't think
that anybody would want to do that. What complete and utter plonkers.
It just reinforces why I *never* recommend them as an ISP - they are as useless
as BT-OpenWoes.

Has anybody persuaded them to do so ?

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