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Thu Dec 10 14:31:33 UTC 2009

Hi Justin,

On 12/10/2009 12:34 AM, Justin Perreault wrote:
>> We have sky+ HD, and the quality of the + box is border line (its the
> Are you hoping to record the Sky feed or just freeview/freesat?

Would be nice to record on the mythtv box, from the sky hd feed.

> By quality are you referring to usability or picture aspects?

I could have been clearer about that. Quality, to me, for such an 
appliance box is the overall end user experience. The build quality I am 
sure is fine, its not broken down yet. But here are times when it will 
randomly reboot itself ( happened twice last week ). On other occasions 
I've had it lose timesync and stop recording programs at odd points [ 
not cool when you miss the last 5 overs of a 20/20 game :( ].

There have also been situations where it will keep running, but lose the 
signal to the TV. This one was hard to work out what was going on - 
while watching a show, suddently everything would go blank. After a few 
weeks we replaced it with a Dell 22" monitor I have, and that also had 
the same black-outs, but came up with a handy 'no-signal' message. Power 
cycling the sky hd+ box resolved the situation.

So, yes. plenty of 'issues'. Hard to reliably reproduce, so sky 
engineers seem to think were just mad.

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