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Thu Dec 3 06:50:21 UTC 2009

Simon Morris wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm not sure of the level of awareness of the TuxRadar podcast
> http://www.tuxradar.com/podcast
> I just learnt about it from Alan Popes Twitter feed yesterday (Thanks
> Alan!)
> It's along the lines of LUGRadio (which was a bit "marmite"-like in
> terms of opinion and approval - I enjoyed it a lot) but perhaps a little
> less off-the-wall.
> Does anyone else have any podcasts they'd recommend - Free Software or
> otherwise?
> I also listen to:
> SecurityNow (Not too bad on substance, perhaps a little condescending at
> times)
> This Week in Google (Good participants and substance)
> Diggnation (My guilty pleasure - if you removed the words "dude",
> "awesome" and other swear-words you'd have 45 minutes of white noise)
> Any other recommendations?
> Thanks!
> ~sm
Hi Simon,

The TWIT network has some other good shows like This Week in Law, FLOSS
Weekly and Futures in Biotech. I also like "Linux Outlaws", "The
Software Freedom Law Show", the "Scientific American Podcast", the
University of Bath's "Public Lecture Podcast" and "Cyberspeak" computer
forensics and cyber crime podcast.

If you're interested in computer security then there's also the
"Crypto-gram Security Podcast" which is Bruce Schneier's blog read aloud
by a helpful fan. Also security related (in a pen testing direction)
are  Security Justice and Exotic Liability. Both of those, but the later
in particular, are most definitely not family friendly. In fact the host
of Exotic Liability is obnoxious, sexist and immature in the extreme - I
only tolerate it for the info and occasional insight.

I'm always on the lookout for more good tech podcasts so keep 'em coming
everyone :)

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