[Gllug] tv tuner with hdmi input

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Wed Dec 16 13:07:43 UTC 2009


On 12/10/2009 08:44 PM, Christopher Hunter wrote:
>> The build quality I am sure is fine, it's not broken down yet.
> Actually, it has! The faults you describe are significant failures.

true :)

> I'm told that this is quite a common problem.
>> Power cycling the sky hd+ box resolved the situation.
> That suggests that either the firmware's flaky (probable) or that
> there's a thermal problem with the electronics.  You could eliminate the
> possibility of the thermal problem by making sure that there's a good
> air gap around all sides of the thing, and that it's away from other
> sources of heat (and NOT placed on top of the TV!).

I had thought of that, and moved it around a bit - but unless there is 
something internal, there should be no heat issues in the area. The area 
around it isnt very dusty either that it would have clogged up internal 
fans etc.

> them to replace it.  That way you should get the updated version!
> You'll just have to be careful to make your vandalism subtle enough to
> prevent them realising what's gone on!

Rumour has it that the 'thomson' built devices are not nearly as broken 
as the 'samsung' models...

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