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> Agreed, with some funding from somewhere you might get a decent place
> going but then, chances are, you'll make yourself dependent on funding
> which can be pretty ethereal at the best of times, let alone on the
> brink of a Tory administration! I think contributing cash, even if it's
> a token amount really increase peoples engagement and sense of ownership
> of the project. As I said there's no reason there couldn't be
> concessions and from what I recall you could pay your dues at NYCR by
> contributing time and or equipment rather than just plain cash.

The Electron Club is not "funded" as such. It just has free space.
> Also, I didn't mean to suggest a less commercial endeavour would always
> be 'extremely poor', those are just my experiences to date. I still
> think you'd struggle to build a space as dynamic and vital as NYCR on
> charity funding alone though. Not to disrespect yours or their efforts
> (it looks a lot better than anything I've seen in the UK date) but the
> electronclub.org front page was last updated 6 months ago, the
> nycresistor.com one - 5 days ago. Of course one should be careful with
> the conclusion one draws from such tiny sample sets, maybe I'm wrong. I
> hope so as I'd like a good London hackspace and I don't have a very high
> disposable income right now :)

Have you visited the Electron Club and NYC Resistor? As for site updates the
EC wiki may be out of date but the mailing list is fairly active and the
space even more so. Just saying.



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