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Chris Bell chrisbell at 3966.ukfsn.org
Wed Dec 30 11:01:31 UTC 2009

On Wed 30 Dec, Isabell Long wrote:
> Thank you for this.  Why oh why am I still in full time education?!  It looks very good!

   It normally fills at least a couple of exhibition halls and includes
areas dedicated to individual topics such as special needs. It used to be
dominated by Acorn, then Microsoft, but Apple were beginning to make
   There are normally at least three stands run by government education
departments. There has been a growing tendency to stand back from insisting
on anything specific, but many representatives appeared to be oblivious to
anything other than "the norm".
   Last January I asked a few people what they knew about Unix and FOSS (by
description rather than name) but was generally met by totally blank looks.
   I asked how individual teachers were expected to find out what was
available, and was told that it was the job of the Universities (such as
Kent who provide www.mirrorservice.org) to contact the teachers. I offered a
few copies of Knoppix but was met by general disinterest.
   Go and make your opinions known.

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