[Gllug] tv tuner with hdmi input

Andrew Davies amd_uk at lineone.net
Thu Dec 10 04:50:39 UTC 2009

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> hi,
> There seems to be very conflicting info out there on the internets about 
> hdmi capable tv-tuner cards for mythTV. Just wondering if anyone on here 
> has used one or knows enough about them to recommend something ?
> We have sky+ HD, and the quality of the + box is border line (its the 
> Samsung model ). And I would really like to replace just the recording 
> capability with a linux box running MythTV. My TV already has a dvi and 
> vga input, so getting the content onscreen wont be a big deal.
One of the reasons HDMI was brought in was to create a secure 
environment where a signal couldn't be recorded when it was used. HDCP 
is part of the HDMI standard that, although not yet turned on (to allow 
analogue (Component) HD capable equipment to view HDCP material whilst 
people upgraded), will lock down the signal from beginning to end.
Hauppauge make a Component 1080i recording box  that is compatible with 
Linux (to what level I'm unsure) and this is the only way I've seen to 
record a HD signal.

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