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Thu Dec 3 16:18:35 UTC 2009

Peter Cannon wrote:
> general_email at technicalbloke.com wrote:
>> The point is that I can learn stuff while I'm using my eyes and hands
>> for other things like washing up, cleaning, driving, fixing computers
>> and all the other times it isn't convenient to have to focus on a screen
>> and roll a scroll wheel.
> About the only thing you'll ever gain from a podcast is a 'tip' most of 
> them are not designed to be an educational medium.
> Nine times out of ten the information or views are at worse wrong or at 
> the very least misguided. For me I tend to listen to them for 
> entertainment value, something to pass the time while driving to work or 
> walking the dog.

Well I take a holistic approach to learning, I do not expect a podcast
to be a sequence of hard, well referenced facts - chances are that would
be quite tedious. Anyway I think either you are massively exaggerating
or you listen to some terribly non-factual podcasts. With the exception
of Linux Outlaws most of the podcasts I listen to are hosted by notable
people in their respective fields, many of them published academics. I'm
sure that if an analysis of factual accuracy were done the podcast world
would prove to be at least as accurate as the web, if not more so.
Seriously, think of all the nonsense there is out there on the web,
no-one is suggesting the web is useless or only for entertainment
because >95% of it is utter rubbish, you just pluck the good bits out
and ignore the rest.

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