[Gllug] [OFFTOPIC] Re: Vista vs seven

Martin A. Brooks martin at hinterlands.org
Mon Dec 7 00:39:06 UTC 2009

On 07/12/2009 00:11, Christopher Hunter wrote:
> This version is improved in that the BSOD has been replaced - you now
> get a spontaneous BLACK Screen Of Death.  No key combination will let
> you break  out of this state - you have to remove the power (on a
> laptop, you have to unplug the battery!).  The next reboot (and every
> one after) will take ages...

I do get occasional BSODs from Windows 7 as we have previously 
discussed. They're still blue.

> Once again, it's prone to every possible bit of malware out there - even
> many of the really old exploits (that had been patched in XP) give
> complete access to the machine.

Please state the sources of information you used to form this view.

> It mostly fails to run older software - obviously in an effort to force
> users to shell out again for applications they have already paid for...

Please list all the software you have so far failed to get to work under 
Windows 7.  Please note I'm interested in stuff that's failed to work 
for you, not stuff you read about on slashdot.

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