[Gllug] Gllug Digest, Vol 78, Issue 25

T Menezes t.menezes at tm.uklinux.net
Thu Dec 10 15:46:29 UTC 2009

Apologies for my previous message, for some reason my coffee-deprived
brain had read Firefox...

> I have been using Thunderbird 3 for quite some time now. Currently on
> version 3.5.5 (windows) and no such problems.

On the subject of Thunderbird, I am still using (windows). I
only face  problems with this version when I connect to the MS Exchange
server at work.

I used to have trouble with partially downloaded attachments. This is
now solved by tweaking TB.

However, I recurrently 'loose' the index to the folders I select for
off-line use. I'm not able to put my finger on it but it seems to happen
when the network connection goes down halfway through updating said
folder (prior to going off-line). The local files seem to all be there,
but TB shows the folders as empty. So far, the only way I know to
recover from this is to re-connect to the server and leave TB to
'download the headers' again - a total pain if you have big mail boxes...


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