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sean S.Tohill at westminster.ac.uk
Tue Dec 1 09:21:57 UTC 2009

Richard Jones wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 02:13:11PM +0000, Sean Tohill wrote:
>> p.s. would an all day, multi-stream gllug event be something we should 
>> look at?
> Yes, it's a shame that since David L Neil moved to the other side of
> the earth, we haven't had any meetings.  I have a talk or two I'm
> willing to give, and I'm sure others do too.  Can we organize
> something for January?
> Rich.
can we have some suggested dates and some possible speakers. i'll try to 
get something organised.

who has access to the website?
i'd like there to be some sessions to benefit students from the 
university, maybe in the morning. i was thinking of the following:

some install help, including getting wireless working;
something on bash;
useful apps for programmers/developers;
something on lamp;
linux on a pen drive.

these would probably be best done in a lab environment, perhaps 10-2. 
the lab is debian based, but probably mint or ubuntu are the distros the 
students use on laptops.
the sessions would be open to anyone not just students.

main talks in the afternoon.
a toic of interest to our students. some lightening talks about jobs 
followed by a q&a session. it might be useful to have a few people talk 
about what they do at work, what skills they need, how they got into 
their career and perhaps job trends. then a short q&a panel. any 
volunteers? this would be useful to various people i suspect.

john hearns offered a talk, or someone to do a talk and i've a bias 
towards parallel/high performance stuff, so it would be good to have 
that as one of the talks.

any topics we should be looking at? we haven't had a virtualisation talk 
for a while, we have had some video editing but nothing music related, 
is there anyone who could do something in that area?  suggestions, 
suggestions, suggestions.



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