[Gllug] Software for on-line sales?

Richard Jones rich at annexia.org
Thu Dec 17 16:43:41 UTC 2009

On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 12:06:54AM +0100, Chris Bell wrote:
> On Tue 15 Dec, Caroline Ford wrote:
> >
> > Well you'd need a realistic idea before you'd get any kind of sensible
> answer. I don't think you've thought about any of the details.
>    It is a company owned by friends, they used to import about one container
> load per day at one time and could gear up to almost anything, but sales hit
> a brick wall with the banking crisis and they are looking for other sales
> including on-line retail.

It could also be dangerous to make recommendations to friends.  When I
worked in this area, all the merchant systems I saw were awful and
full of fail in numerous ways.  You'll be blamed for this when the
inevitable happens at your friends' company.


Richard Jones
Red Hat
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